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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Students’ Reflections on Interactions in a Blended Learning Environment

Publication Date: 
December 2018

This study explored the experiences of adult learners in a blended learning environment. All of the 76 adult learners who participated in the course were required to write reflections which compared their learning experiences in online tutorials with the face-to–face sessions. In the online tutorials, students were assigned to groups and each group member was required to read articles on topics relevant to the course content that was delivered in the face-to-face lectures, and then participate in group discussions and collaborations which were synchronous and asynchronous. These discussions were moderated by students but managed by the lecturer and a teaching assistant. Content analysis of the reflections was carried out: student quotations were extracted from the data to illustrate the emergent theme; the qualitative data was also quantitized to give the frequency of occurrence of associated themes and subthemes. The results revealed that a blended learning environment is more likely to facilitate greater interactions among adult learners and the various aspects of the two modes of delivery that students felt enhanced or presented challenges in the learning environment.

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