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Biotechnology InternAn internship is a structured work experience in a professional work setting during which the student applies and acquires knowledge and skills. It involves the application of learned skills in a setting, institution or department related to the department that coordinates the internship. An internship should challenge the student to examine the values of the institution or department involved in the experience, and to assess the student’s education as it relates to the internship.

Other benefits of an internship include:

  • Learning new skills
  • Gaining work experience
  • Discovering career interests
  • Building a professional network
  • Understanding the workplace

Target Group

We cater to both University and High School students (5th and 6th form).

What to expect?

Students will learn Biotechnology techniques and principles, such as:

DNA Extractions; DNA Hybridization; PCR; Tissue Culture, among other areas.

How to apply for any Internship with the Biotechnology Centre

  1. Submit a cover letter and CV to the Director of the Biotechnology Centre.
  2. Fill out and submit an internship application form.
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