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Bamboo Government Project

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Sylvia Mitchell
Funding: US $8,000.00

Work continued with standards development by participation in the Bamboo and Indigenous Materials Products Standards Technical Committee (BIMPSTC). Work also continued with developing in vitro methods for conserving and multiplying bamboo varieties. The Biotechnology Centre is maintaining a collection of Bamboo obtained from Clapham, Lamb’s River, Harker’s Hall and Peckham, 118 accessions in all, planted in 2017 in the UWI-Biotechnology Research Plot. Data is taken yearly on their growth.

"Bioengineering of Yams & Other Selected Caribbean Roots and Tuber Crops Biomaterials for Value-Chain Expansion & Pre-Commercialization Analyses"

Principal Investigator(s): Prof. Helen Asemota

The Jamaica–Mexico Bilateral Commission Project was designed to boost the agro industry via expansion of value chain of selected Caribbean crops- especially Yams, as well as plants such as Moringa, Sugarcane, and some herbs. Prof. Helen Asemota (Project PI) is in collaboration with The Research Centre for Food and Development (CIAD) Mexico through Dr. Mayra de la Torre Martinez to Dr. Jesus Fernando Ayala Zavala of CIAD, as well as Dr. Carlos Borroto of The Yucatan Centre for Scientific Research (CICY), Mexico.

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