The UWI Mona to resume face-to-face learning modality and accommodation on all Halls of Residence

30 March, 2022

In light of the Government of Jamaica’s announcement to resume face-to-face modality across the education sector, The University of the West Indies (The UWI), Mona Campus, will begin offering current and incoming students of The UWI, Mona Campus, face-to-face classes in the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

F2F classes starting with Summer School in June

The UWI Mona Campus Registrar, Dr. Donovan Stanberry advised students (incoming and current) of the new arrangements today. In the student advisory, he informed that “The Mona Campus will resume face-to-face classes starting with Summer School in June 2022 and all classes in Semester One of the new Academic Year in September 2022.

“Programmes that were delivered online or in a blended mode prior to COVID-19 will continue in the online or blended modality. In addition, having learnt the lessons from some aspects of the pandemic in terms of online delivery, a limited amount of lectures may be delivered in an online or blended modality.”

Students, Dr Stanberry said, will be advised by their respective faculties or Programme Coordinators of the courses that will continue in these modalities. Notwithstanding these exceptions, substantial delivery of instruction will be done via face-to-face delivery.

Accommodation on Halls of Residence

Concerning campus accommodation, students will be accommodated on all the Halls of Residence of the Mona Campus in the new academic year. However, all students who wish to reside on Hall must be vaccinated.

Dr Stanberry said that “while there is no vaccination requirement to attend face-to-face classes, students are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as this is best for keeping all members of the community safe”. 

Referencing the recent decision, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of The UWI, Mona Campus, Professor Dale Webber said the online modality was never intended to be permanent. He said “An important part of the University experience was lost due to the pandemic. We have students of The UWI Mona who have never set foot on the Campus. This is unfortunate, as the relationships built during these years are important for our students’ growth as individuals as well as their professional development. The melting pot effect that is at the heart of being on campus was lost due to the pandemic. However, moving forward, we want our students to navigate this aspect of their university experience (the pandemic) rather than be deprived of it completely.”

Dr Stanberry cautioned that in light of the most recent global issue, The UWI Mona Campus will keep the community abreast of any new developments, as although COVID-19 cases have reduced considerably at this time, the situation could worsen in a short space of time. We, therefore, urge our students to continue with the practice of hand sanitizing and mask-wearing indoors as we return to face-to-face.

“We thank the entire UWI community for the patience and perseverance exercised as we weathered the most difficult phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, and seek your continued support as we move toward a safe return to face-to-face classes,” Dr Stanberry said.

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