Leadership and Administration

Senior Administration

  • Prof. Densil Williams

    Campus Principal

    Prof. Densil Williams

  • Prof. Tomlin Paul

    Deputy Principal

    Dr. Tomlin Paul

  • Dr. Donovan Stanberry

    Campus Registrar

    Dr. Donovan Stanberry

  • Mrs. Catherine Parke Thwaites

    Campus Bursar

    Mrs. Catherine Parke Thwaites

Deans of Faculties

  • Dr. Adrian Lawrence

    Faculty of Engineering

    Dr. Adrian Lawrence

  • Prof. Silvia Kouwenberg

    Faculty of Humanities & Education

    Prof. Silvia Kouwenberg

  • Dr. Shazeeda Ali

    Faculty of Law

    Prof. Shazeeda Ali

  • Prof Minerva Thame

    Faculty of Medical Sciences

    Prof Minerva Thame

  • Prof. Michael Taylor

    Faculty of Science & Technology

    Prof. Micheal Taylor

  • Dr. Heather Ricketts

    Faculty of Social Sciences

    Dr. Heather Ricketts

  • Dr. Akshai Mansingh

    Faculty of Sport

    Dr. Akshai Mansingh