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Senior Administration

  • Prof. Dale Webber
    Campus Principal

    Prof. Dale Webber

  • Prof. Ian Boxill
    Deputy Principal

    Prof. Ian Boxill

  • Dr. Camille Bell-Hutchinson
    Campus Registrar

    Dr. Camille Bell Hutchinson

Deans of Faculties

  • Faculty of Engineering

    Dr. Paul Aiken

  • Prof. Waibinte Wariboko
    Faculty of Humanities & Education

    Prof. Waibinte Wariboko

  • Dr. Leighton Jackson
    Faculty of Law

    Dr. Leighton Jackson

  • Faculty of Medical Sciences

    Dr. Tomlin Paul

  • Faculty of Science & Technology

    Prof. Micheal Taylor

  • Prof. David Tennent
    Faculty of Social Sciences

    Prof. David Tennant

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