12 August, 2022

Dear Members of The UWI Mona Family,
As we begin the new 2022/2023 Academic Year, I am delighted to welcome you our returning students, new students and all members of faculty and staff to our beautiful Mona Campus for an on-campus learning experience. The Mona Campus had communicated in March 2022, our decision to reopen for face-to-face classes starting with summer school, after operating remotely since March 2020. We recently concluded summer school successfully, as there was a seamless re-integration of face-to-face learning and we do look forward to a similar experience in the upcoming semester. To this end, we would like to take this opportunity to say Welcome Home.
We are also happy to have the return of in person events and ceremonies such as New Students’ Orientation, Long Service Awards for staff members where we will celebrate our 2021 and 2022 awardees, and our 2022 Graduation Ceremonies – Congratulations to the class of 2022! The Office of Student Services and Development along with the Mona Academy of Sport are also preparing to safely resume the enriching campus experience for which the Mona Campus is known.
As we look forward to Semester I, we cannot help but reflect on the phenomenal job of our dedicated administrative, support and academic staff as well as a proactive Guild of Students, in keeping members of our Campus community safe throughout the pandemic. The UWI made bold strides in our fight against COVID-19, UWI Medicine and UWI Science continue to make us proud, working with our governments across the Caribbean to shape public health policy and assisting with the implementation of anti-COVID-19 strategies.
Our colleagues in the Humanities and Education and Social Sciences have been sharing critical disciplinary insights into the dimensions of expected economic fallout from the pandemic, as well as the impact in terms of psychological trauma, human rights, democratic decision-making, and the nature of the social contract between civil society and state. Our students rekindled the culture of volunteerism, even as they adjusted to online learning and prepared for exams. Our engineers, both members of faculty and students alike, were quick to respond with manufacturing face shields and designing and repairing ventilators, and working with the private sector to meet public needs.
We have adapted well and will continue to adapt and lead, as Monkeypox, an emerging global health concern and the Covid-19 virus which continues to evolve, may pose new challenges. Our response will be guided by campus Public Health experts and the Ministry of Health and Wellness and we once again seek your patience, flexibility and support in following any protocols effected, as we continue our diligence to protect you, and advance the robust Academic Year ahead.
How we will deliver courses while prioritising your health and safety
Please be reassured that the health, safety and wellbeing of all students remains our absolute priority and the Mona Campus continues to take the necessary measures to ensure a safe return to campus. Teaching will commence on Monday, September 5, 2022.
Most classes will be conducted face-to-face with a few, primarily our largest classes, continuing online. Students will see the instruction modality of each course upon registration and for those students who registered prior to August 3, 2022, we ask that you confirm the modality of selected courses, as system updates have been completed to reflect the modality of all courses for Semesters I and II of the 2022/2023 Academic Year.
Our dedicated team of professors, lecturers, and teaching staff will need your support. Although mask wearing is no longer mandated, we strongly encourage all students to wear masks within our learning spaces, including the library, in an effort to minimise the risk of frequent illness and absence of our students, educators and members of our community which may impact the overall learning experience for all. While we recognise individual rights, we also wish to encourage solidarity among our UWI community, as above and beyond any other calling, The UWI is dedicated to providing our students with the highest standard of education and serving the public good.
As much as is practically possible, we encourage members of our community to continue physical distancing and minimise close contact with others for your own protection against Monkeypox and COVID-19. Vaccination against Covid-19 is also strongly encouraged as while it may not prevent infection, it does minimise the impact, and reduces the risk of serious illness and is still available on Campus at the Mona Aging and Wellness Centre at no cost.
Financial Arrangements
Like many organizations globally The UWI Mona Campus continues to grapple with the financial effects brought on by COVID-19. We also understand the plight of many of our students and their families and will continue to implement support measures as best we can.
We encourage students to take advantage of payment plans implemented by the Campus, which is a major support mechanism, as well as the financing options being offered by the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) as applications remain open.
Additionally, our Office of Student Financing (OSF) is ready to provide guidance and assistance where possible to our most needy students who will require financial support through scholarships, bursaries and grants.
On-Campus Housing
Special protocols have been developed for the Halls of Residence in an effort to provide a safe and healthy living environment for our students, especially in light of new health concerns. Students will be provided with the guidelines during the Halls’ orientation activities. While it is no longer mandatory to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to reside in a Hall of Residence, for your own protection against serious illness, we strongly recommend.
Our university prides itself on being a caring, resilient community, so I am asking each of you to care for one another and to show your social responsibility in helping to keep our community safe. We will cross these hurdles together, and it will make us a stronger university — and an even stronger Pelican Family.
Dale Webber, Professor
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal

General Public