Billings & Receivable FAQ

1. How do I get Financial Clearance?

Financial clearance is granted under the following conditions:

  • All miscellaneous fees and at least half the tuition must be paid if the student is self sponsored.
  • If the student is using the SLB loan scheme, the miscellaneous fees must be paid by the student. In addition, information from SLB that the loan process has been completed must be received by the university.
  • A scholar must pay the necessary fees that the scholarship does not cover, (for example misc. fees, residence, difference in tuition) depending on the value of the scholarship.
  • Miscellaneous fees must be paid plus a completed GATE form submitted by nationals of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.
  • A student who is Barbadian is required to pay the miscellaneous fees.
  • Students who have been granted residence on hall must pay at least the semster charge for the room.

N.B. All payments must be made by the given deadline for each semester otherwise, late fees will be accrued. Late fine for semester 1 is a monthly charge of 1% of all fees for semester 1 that are outstanding after the deadline. Late fine for semester 2 is a monthly charge of 1% of the fees for semester 2 that are paid after the deadline. 


2. How do I calculate my fees?

In terms of fee payment, students have the following options:

  • They can pay for the academic year and this must be done by the given deadline for the first semester of the relevant period.
  • They can pay per semester and this must be done by the given deadline for each semester. To pay per semester, a minimum of half the tuition plus all of the miscellaneous fees must be paid.


3. Can I pay for my miscellaneous fees and get my ID?

To get an ID card, a student must be fully registered. This means that Dean's Approval, Financial Clearance, and Registrar’s Approval must all be granted. (See No.1 above as to how to receive financial clearance.)


4. Why are the payments that I made not on my account?

Payments made at any of the payment outlets (Paymaster, Bill Express, NCB) take approximately two working days to be posted to the students's accounts.


5. How do I get hall clearance?

A student who has been given a room on hall must pay at least the semester’s charge for the room. To get hall clearance, the student must be fully registered. This means that Dean’s Approval, Financial Clearance, and Registrar’s Approval must all be granted. (See No.1 above as to how to receive financial clearance.)


6. SLB says that my loan has been approved but I still have not received clearance. Why?

To receive clearance, SLB recipients must pay all of their miscellaneous fees and the information regarding the completion of their loan process must be received by the Loan Bureau.   


7.Why don’t I have clearance and I have paid my fees?

The possibilities are:

  • You have underpaid
  • The payment outlet has not updated the system
  • The Identification number that was given to the payment outlet was incorrect
  • SLB has not indicated that you have completed the process
  • Sponsorship information has not yet been posted to your account


8. SLB informed me that I have been awarded a grant of $50,000.00 and this is more than the cost of my room for semester one. Why don’t I have hall clearance?

Information is posted on a student's account each semester. SLB also pays per semester so only half of the grant may be used each semester. The student is therefore required to pay the difference between the value of the room for each semester and half of the grant ($25,000.00).


9. I went to borrow books from the library and I was told that there is a block on the system for me. Why?

In order to borrow books, a student must be fully registered. This means that Dean's Approval, Financial Clearance, and Registrar's Approval must all be granted. (See No.1 above as to how to receive financial clearance.)


10. How do I access the services of the health centre?

To do this, a student must be fully registered. This means that Dean’s Approval, Financial Clearance, and Registrar’s Approval must all be granted. (See No.1 above as to how to receive financial clearance.)


11. Can payments to my Student’s Account prior to my deregistration be used towards the next semester?

Yes payments that were made prior to deregistration can be used toward the next semester once all outstanding fees are taken care of.


12. Why is it that my academic board fine is added so late to my student’s account?

Where a course is added or dropped after normal registration the academic board has to approve the course through meetings. Approval is ussually not be at the same time you add or drop the course. The fines or penalty for changes to your registration are sent to you via letters. The admission dept would generate letters to students, faculty and billings and receivables where the charge is added to your account.


13. Why is it that I am a registered PGA pending student and cannot participate in the guild of students’ voting?

Students that are PGA pending only pay registration fees, unlike ungrad students that pay miscellaneous fees which include health, shuttle bus, guild etc.


14. Why it that I was is approved SLB and other academic bursry value over $100,000.00 and I am unable to keep without a waiver?

It is the policy of the SLB that any student using SLB and also using an academic bursary over $35,000.00 should apply for a waiver. A waiver can be applied for through osf or directly through the slb.


15. How can I apply for financial assistance?

Financial assistance are available to students through an academic bursary, scholarships and awards. These assistance are available through the Office of Student Financing (OSF) with each carrying various criteria.


16. Why is it that I was not told that I need manual clearance for fees paid for prior years?
Once payments are not made in the academic year of study a financial block will be place on your account therefore a manual clearance will be done so that access can be given to view accounts or to register.


17. Why is it that library fines are not reflected on my student’s account?

The library is an unit by itself. The charges that are generated by the library is set by the library depending on the hold. However, the Bursary can assist by identifying that it is not a financial matter and direct you to the library.


18. Why is it that I pay all my fees and I am being blocked from my records?

In addition to financial clearance a student must obtain deans approval for the courses selected.


19. Why is it that I will need to pay to change for an ID when my status is changed?

A student's status is either part-time, full-time or PGA pending therefore the ID that is worn must show the current status and due to the change in status a new ID is required.


20. What is the procedure when a student has failed medical reason and needs to do the course over?

Failed medical reason or FMR is given to students when the University of the West Indies Health Centre doctor gives a student the authority not to sit exams due to being passed as sick. The Health Centre will forward information to exams, exams will pass information to the faculty, and billings and receivables authorising that the student can sit the exam in the next available sitting at no cost. If the course is done in the summer exams would determine the cost of the cost.

21. Why as a MOEYC student at the end of the semester my timetable will show no financial clearence when I only pay small fees that is paid on time?

All MOEYC students are tuition exempted. The registration for all MOEYC students is not done at the same time. Therefore what will happen the exemption process for tuition would be done at a reasonable time when all students are considered to be registered. We are assidiously working on how best person who pays on time for their small fees account to be corrected before exams.

22 Why is self financed programme student not given an alternate payment plan since tuition have to fund by oneself?

The University of the West Indies has in place where all fees can be paid per semester and persons facing extreme circumstances can make arrangement with the billings and receivable manager.

23. Why do graduate studies students are doing year long courses and are give leave absent in the academic year?

It is the responsility of graduate studies to use their discretion on the matter to grant the loan depending on the student's circumstances.


24. How the charge would for the course is treated?

If the appropriate adjustment is made to the students account by graduate studies then the charges would generate correctly.


25. What adjustment are you talking about?
The system is designed in such a way that charges are generated by a student registration, therefore if gradute studies adjust the student registration to reflect that the year long course will be done one semester then the charge would reflect correctly.


26. Being a Trinidadian national I look forward to going home to see my family each semester break. How can I be in Trinidad and do summer courses without my charges not reflecting that I owe at Mona when I pay St. Augustine?

Fortunately, this can be done but it will take proper authorisation from Mona to give you permission to do the course there. You would need to set up your summer registration to reflect that you are tying to St. Augustine so that the charge will show at St. Augustine since they are the one offering the service. I will use Law faculty as an example where they do their first year at Mona but for the next academic year the programme is done in Barbados.


27. Why is the summer school run by the departments? Do they have the necessary override if I select exams only?

Summer is a not a compulsory semester therefore the department cordinates the programs. The summer school coordinators are given access to deal with students registration.