Commercial Operations - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Consultation Fund and type of expenditures it could be used for?

The Consultation Fund operates as a pool of funds generated by faculty from consultancy services provided to external parties based on their field of expertise. The income generated could be used for research, special activities, conferences, workshops, professional membership fees and hospitality.

What is the Other Departmental Income Fund?

The Departmental fund serves to hold funds generated from departmental ventures such as workshops, conferences, sale of lab items, rentals or any other income generation venture. Related expenditures can be requested using the fund.

How do I request a Fund to be established for an income generating venture?

A written memo requesting the setup of the Fund.  The memo should state the purpose and title of the Fund.  The income source should be stated.

What is my Fund balance?

The balance on the fund can be obtained using the Banner Finance form FGIBDST.  The ending balance under the Year to Date column indicates the current year balance on a fund. A Financial Statement is usually issued on a periodic basis which indicates any cumulative balances as well as balances could be requested directly from a representative in the Commercial Operations Unit.   

How do I query a payment?

Payment queries could be done using the Banner Finance form FAIVNDH.


What does the account numbers mean?

 The Account numbers frequently used falls within the 5, 6 and 7 series. The 5 Series indicates Income accounts and are used when making Lodgments/ Transfers into a fund. The 6 series indicates payroll expenditures and are used when payments related to staff services are being fulfilled. The 7 Series relates to any other related expenditure including maintenance and capital expenditures and can be verified with the Commercial Operations unit.


How do I check my Encumbrances (Commitments)? 

Encumbrances can be verified using the form FGIBDST on the Banner System.  Selected Organizational Encumbrances from the menu option.


What information do I need to make a lodgment at the Cashier/Bank?

 To complete any transaction with the Bursary Cashier, the correct Fund, Organization, Account and Programme codes are required as well as the details of the transaction.

 The Correct account number for Commercial Operations bank account is required to make a lodgment at the bank. The details of the transaction must be submitted to the Commercial Operations unit to be appropriately posted to account.


What is Administrative Fees & How much is it?

 Administrative Fees are contribution towards the UWI Administrative cost.  Administration fees are only charged to the Summer School Funds and the Self-Funded Academic Programs.   The charges are as follows:


  • Summer School Fund 25% of Income before expenses, allocated as follows: 

-10% Faculty 

-15% Campus Central 


  • Self-Funded Academic Programs 25% of Income before expenses, allocated as follows: 

-15% Department 

-10% Faculty


Surplus remaining on the Self-Funded Academic Programs at the end of the Financial Year accrues to the University.