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Global Media and Information Literacy Week, commemorated annually, is a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards “Media and Information Literacy for All”.

UNESCO and members of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance are calling partners all over the world to promote Global Media and Information Literacy Week by organizing and registering events/activities online or offline. Together with its Feature Events (International Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Conference and Youth Agenda Forum), Global Media and Information Literacy Week links up local events around the world to promote Media and Information Literacy connections across disciplines, professions and borders.

The Department of Library and Information Studies will be participating in the Global MIL Week this year, under the theme "Media and Information Literacy for the Public Good" Our presentation will cover the joint UNESCO-UWI Jamaica Youth MIL Capacity Building Workshop, which was held from July 24-26, 2018. The inaugural 3-day workshop was hosted by the Department of Library and Information Studies (DLIS), The University of the West Indies, Mona.

A total of eight (8) instructional sessions covering numerous areas of MIL were delivered over the first 1.5 days. These instructional were delivered by two (2) specialists in the field of MIL. The last 1.5 days saw the delivery of three (3) participant led working group sessions.

A total of fourteen youth-led organizations from all three (3) counties in Jamaica were in attendance, covering both rural and urban areas of the country. A total of 10 out of 14 organizational representatives were from outside the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) and were hosted for three days and two nights in accommodation at the University of the West Indies, Mona. This is representative of the largely rural geo-spatial spread of the national population as the KMA accounts for a relatively small proportion of the geo-spatial distribution of the population.