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This page provides access to some essential e-resources for staff and students

OPAC: The online public access catalog is a online database of materials held by library. You may search the library catalog principally to locate books and other material available at a library.

UWILINC: UWIlinC is the information portal of the Libraries of The University of the West Indies. It allows search and discovery of a wide range of resources from a single interface.

Mona Library: This link directs you to the UWI Main library's home page

MLA 8th Ed: The Department of Library and Information Studies, prescribes to the MLA style of writing.

Navigating OurVLE

Access Undergraduate and Postgraduate Past Papers

Accountability Statement

Reference Assistance e-Form

New Ebooks

ELink to Open Access Articles

Sample Fieldwork Reports

DLIS Thesis

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