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Supervised internship in approved libraries, archives and records management institution/unit is a requirement for all students enrolled in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Library and Information Studies and Archives and Records Management Programmes. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students must satisfactorily complete six weeks during the summer vacation, and present a systematic evaluation and performance report at the end of six weeks (archival students already working in an archival institution are only required to do two weeks).

The award of degrees will be made only after such fieldwork has been satisfactorily undertaken. The programme amounts to 3 credits 

Purpose of Fieldwork 

1.The programme seeks to provide an opportunity for students to: 

  • be exposed to the profession and to gain insights into and understanding of the various administrative and service activities of the different types of information units and agencies;
  • apply theory to practice in a real setting.
  • develop good interpersonal skills through working with professionals and the agency’s clientele.
  • be mentored so as to help in the development of their own professionalism.
  • further define career goals.

1.To gain experience in certain aspects of library and information work, archival studies and records management, and relate theory learnt in library school to practice, e.g. cataloguing and classification, reference work, circulation procedures, information technology application, bibliographical work, service to readers, preservation and records management, and special projects among others. 

2.To provide an opportunity for information units and agencies to have an input in the education and training of future information professionals. 

Please note the following Information:
1. Undergraduate students must be completing or have completed all courses at Levels 1 & 2.
2. Postgraduate students in the MAARCM programme must have completed all 5 courses offered in Year 1
3. Students in the MLIS programme must have completed 7 courses including at least one Catalogue Course.
4. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to complete a credit check which should be sent to your respective Undergraduate Coordinator or Postgraduate Coordinator   who will then advise the fieldwork coordinator of your eligibility to participate in the internship.


You may DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE forms and email to

All Students are asked to complete the Fieldwork Placement Application Form below for Internship/Practicum

All Undergraduate Students are asked to complete the Fieldwork Resume Form and the Fieldwork Checklist below

All Postgraduate Students are asked to complete the Fieldwork Resume Form below





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