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The objective of the programme is to provide graduates of the BA (Library and Information Studies) programme with the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications to meet the demands of the modern information environment. This programme is offered in a dual mode (face-face & online).


Admission to the programme will normally require:

    At least a Lower second class honours degree BA /B.Ed. (Library and Information Studies)
    Previous work experience in a library will be an asset but is not compulsory.


Full-time students will take TWO (2) academic years to complete the programme: ONE (1) year to complete all required courses and ONE (1) year part-time to complete the Research paper.

Part-time students will take THREE (3) academic years to complete the programme: TWO (2) years to complete all required courses, and ONE (1) year part-time to complete the Research paper.


Students will be required to read TEN (10) semester courses, and write a research paper of 10,000— 15,000 words. They are required to do a minimum of 36 credits.


Each candidate for the Master of Arts in Library and Information Studies will be required to pursue a course of study as set out below:

Year I Semester I

Core Courses: (3 credits each)

LIBS6501 - Information Technology I

LIBS6901 - Trends & Issues in the Library & Information Environment

*LIBS6306 - Legal Information Resource Management

Electives Courses: (3 credits each)

LIBS6801 - Copyright Issues Affecting Caribbean Libraries & Information Services

LIBS6203 - Metadata & Resources Discovery

One (1) course from another Department or Faculty with the approval of DLIS E.g.HIST6702 Artifacts, Museums and Archives

Year I Semester II

Core Courses: (3 credits each)

LIBS6002 - Information, Communication & Society

LIBS6003 - Information Literacy Instruction

LIBS6401 - Research Methods in Library and Information Work

Electives (3 Credits each)

LIBS6503 - Introduction to Digital Libraries

*LIBS6307- Information Sources in Humanities, Social Sciences & Science & Technology

One (1) course from another Department or Faculty with the approval of DLIS

Summer Term

Core Courses: (3 credits each)

MGMT6015 - Basic Statistics LIBS6504 - Integrated Library Systems

LIBS6504 - Integrated Library Systems

LIBS6899 - Research Paper (under supervision) LIBS6899 - Research Paper (10,000-15,000words)

Year II Semesters I and II

LIBS6899 - Research Paper (Completed)


* All students must do a Resource-based course ; either LIBS6306 or LIBS6307



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