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Silvia Kouwenberg

Friday 11-1pm
Room N3







L32A – Caribbean Dialectology
Level: 3 (Semester 1, 2006-07)

Course Outline
L32A -Caribbean Dialectology: SECTION 2 – Aspects of the structure of Caribbean languages

At the end of this section, you should be familiar with topics pertaining to the description and analysis of (contemporary) Caribbean language structures and be able to apply the methodologies learned in L20A and L20B to evaluate such analyses as well as to discover patterns for yourself.

Course Objectives
At the end of this course you expected to be conversant with the following topics:

(a) the range of languages of the caribbean (indigenous, African, Asian, European, Creole) and
their geographic spread
(b) the historical and current significance of these languages for the region, taking into account such issues as language endangerment, the relation between ethnic and linguistic identity recognition and status of languages
(c) the description and analysis of contemporary Caribbean language structures, applying the methodologies learned in courses in phonology and syntax
Additionally, this course gives you an opportunity to develop some of your skills in the areas of research and presentation of research findings.
Course Evaluation
40% in-course essay(5 marks for proposal, 35 marks for essay)
60% final exam(3 questions to be answered in a 2-hour examination)

Other course requirements

  • Regular attendance of lectures
  • Attendance of a minimum of 8 tutorials. I expect to be notified by phone or e-mail if you are unable to attend the tutorial
  • Preparation for and participation in tutorials
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