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BSc Geology Major

The geology curriculum is designed to produce graduates in geology encompassing both specific (geological) and transferrable (general academic) skills that can either, take up employment as a geologist, or enter a graduate course (M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.) at UWI or universities in Europe, North America and Japan (places our geology graduates have recently been accepted into). Student intake in geology is from across the UWI territories, and the curriculum has been developed to reflect this; furthermore, many geology graduates find employment in regions of the Caribbean other than their home territory (as well as elsewhere) and the UWI geology major prepares graduates for a career in geology regardless of where they may find employment.

The Caribbean region is particularly susceptible to climate change and increasing population density is straining natural resources. The curriculum is designed with an emphasis on these needs, particularly in regard to: finding and exploiting natural resources (metallic and non-metallic minerals, oil and gas exploration), water resources, natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tropical cyclones) and infra-structural development (road construction, building.

The development of a geology programme based on 3 credit courses will enable students to acquire a broader basic grounding in geological science. The outcome will be students who have a better basic geological knowledge at Level II, and students that can develop specific career-specific skills at Level III.

The idealized UWI Geology B.Sc. graduate should: have a working knowledge of geology; be able to collect and interpret field and laboratory data; should have a range of linguistic, numerical and computer skills that allow them to analyze data and present their results in seminars, PowerPoint presentations and as written reports.


The Caribbean region is dependent on finding natural resources to meet the needs of its growing population and to drive its economic development, but is also particularly prone to natural disasters and the effects of climate change. The geology major seeks to train graduate students with theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and the specific and transferrable skills and have the necessary abilities to assess, analyse and solve the current and future geological needs of the Caribbean region. The programme will equip graduates with the necessary cognitive skills to become employed in the geosciences or to enter into a higher degree programme to develop more advanced skills.


Level I: – four 3-credit courses                                                                                     

Level II: – Field methods in geology plus five 3-credit courses                                  

Level III: – Caribbean Geology (3 credits), Research Project (6 credits) and four other 3-credit courses                                                                                                               

Minimum geology courses at Level II/III                                                                           39 credits

Level I

GEOL1101     Earth Science 1: Earth Materials and Plate Tectonics     

GEOL1102     Earth Science 2: Earth Processes and Earth History       

GEOL1003     Earth Science 3: Minerals and Mineral Deposits             

GEOL1104     Earth Science 4: Geological maps & Environmental Geology       


Level II


GEOL2204     Field Methods for Geology                                             

And a minimum of five courses from

GEOL2201     Palaeontology                                                                  

GEOL2202     Sedimentary Geology                                                      

GEOL2203     Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology                              

GEOL2205     Plate Tectonics and the Caribbean                                  

GGEO2233     Water Resources                                                              

GGEO2232     Introduction to Geographical Information Systems        

Level III


GEOL3100     Research Project in Field Geology                                       

GEOL3102     Caribbean Geology                                                              

And a minimum of 4 courses from

GEOL3103     Advanced Hydrogeology                                                   

GEOL3104     Sedimentology and Facies Analysis                                   

GEOL3105     Petroleum Geology                                                             

GEOL3106     Engineering Geology                                                          

GEOL3107     Geophysics and Seismicity                                                  

GGEO3332     Disaster Management                                                           

GGEO3231     Karst & Coastal Geomorphology                                        

GGEO3232     Climate Change in the Tropics 

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