Academic Staff

Simon Mitchell, PhD 

Professor of Sedimentary Geology

Head of Department & Acting Head of the Earthquake Unit

Professor David Barker
Professor of Geography
Miss Taneisha C. P. Edwards
Assistant Lecturer - Geology
Dr. Michael Burn
Dr. Arpita Mandal
Senior Lecturer (Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Hydrological Modelling, Groundwater Contaminant Study) 
Dr. David Miller
Lecturer - Geomorphology
Dr. Kevon Rhiney
Lecturer - Urban Geography
Dr. Sherene James-Williamson
Lecturer and Museum Curator
Dr. Thomas Stemann
Lecturer - Palaeontology
Mr. Robert Kinlocke
Assistant Lecturer - Biogeography 

Mr. Cheyne Howell
Geology Tutor 


Research Staff

 Dr. Leo Douglas

Research Fellow & Coservation Biologist

Miss Jullian Williams

Research Assistant

Mr. Roderick Ebanks

Research Fellow, UWIGM


Emeritus Professors

Professor Trevor Jackson
Professor in Geology
Prof. Edward Robinson
Professor in Geology


Administrative Staff

Mrs. Nadene Sherlock-Marshall
Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Coreen Cornwall Perry

Ms. Denese Francis
Senior Secretary

Technical Staff

Mr. Leonard Notice
Computer Technician



Rupert Green

Technical Assistant III