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Minor in Human Geography (non-FST)

LEVEL 1 Introductory Courses

Pre-requisites include CSEC Geography plus Faculty of Humanities & Education and/or Faculty of Social Sciences matriculation requirements

A minor in Human Geography requires a total of six (6) Level 1 credits from:

GEOG1131 Human Geography 1 Population, Migration and Human Settlement 

GEOG1132 Human Geography 2 World Economy, Agriculture and Food                                   


LEVELS 2 & 3 Advanced Courses

A minor in Human Geography requires a total of fifteen (15) credits from Levels 2 and 3 (with at least nine (9) credits from Level 3) from:

GEOG2131 Urban Geographies                                                 

GEOG2132 Geographies of Development                                   

GGEO2332 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

GEOG3131 Tropical Agriculture and Development

GEOG3132 Tourism Planning and Development

GEOG3331 Geography of the Caribbean

GEOG3333 Urban and Regional Planning


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