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BSc Major in Geosciences

LEVEL 1 -  Introductory Courses

Pre-requisites: CSEC Geography plus FST matriculation requirements

A major in Geosciences requires a total of twenty-four (24) Level 1 credits from:

GEOL1101 Earth Science 1: Earth Materials and Plate Tectonics      

GEOL1102 Earth Science 2: Earth Processes and Earth History           

GEOL1103 Earth Science 3: Minerals and Mineral Deposits                 

GEOL1104 Earth Science 4: Geological Maps and Environmental Geology       

GEOG1131 Human Geography 1: Population, Migration and Human Settlement 

GEOG1231 Earth Environments 1: Geomorphology and Soils

GEOG1132 Human Geography 2: World Economy, Agriculture and Food                                          

GEOG1232 Earth Environments 2: Climate and the Biosphere                                                                 


A major in Geosciences requires a total of forty-two (42) credits from Levels 2 and 3 and must include:

LEVEL 2:  24 credits

GEOG2231 Earth Surface Processes

GEOG2232 Environmental Change

GEOL2201 Palaeontology    

GEOL2202 Sedimentary Geology

GEOL2204 Field Methods for Geology

GEOL2205 Plate Tectonics and Geologic Structures

GGEO2233 Water Resources

GGEO2332 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems       


LEVEL 3: 18 credits

GGEO3401 Field Projects in Geosciences (compulsory)                                       

and  a minimum of 12 credits, at least 6 must be GGEO from:

GEOL3104 Sedimentology and Facies Analysis

GEOL3105 Petroleum Geology

GGEO3231 Karst and Coastal Morphology

GGEO3232 Climate Change in the Tropics

GGEO3233 Hydrology and Hydrological Modelling

GGEO3332 Disaster Management

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