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Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association

Warm Welcome from your Alumni Family!

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. - African proverb

Happy to have you join the Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association, Mona Chapter. Through tests, exams, labs and projects we’ve grown, becoming a family that supports each other. Through interviews, ventures, more projects and vast networking we’ll continue to support each other. We are here because we did it before and we want to do it again. Together we will grow.

Alumni Executives

  • Roshane Wynter

    Roshane Wynter


  • Roshane Wynter

    Ashley McPherson 


  • Ashley Ewan

    Ashley Ewan


  • Arianna Martin

    Arianna Martin

    Assistant Secretary

  • Tavar Brown

    Tavar Brown 

    Public Relations Officer

  • Maleek Thomas

    Maleek Thomas


  • Tajay Billings

    Tajay Billings

    Assistant Treasurer

How can I get involved?

At the end of the academic year for final year students, Alumnae are invited to join the Association. Every graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, UWI Mona is an alumna. The process to join the prominent Faculty of Engineering Alumnae Association are as follows: 

  1. Complete a membership form so we can stay in touch!
  2. Pay your annual dues of $1000 which is typically due in October/November. 

It’s that simple! Subsequently, we encourage you to join our bi-annual meetings, our hosted events and engage in our discussions via our socials.

My career is no longer in engineering, can I still be a member of the alumnae association?

Of course, you can. Local or international, once you have a few hours to spare a month and a passion for your faculty, that is all we need. Every individual matters.

How do I attain a role on the executive committee? 

Two words, Four syllables – SHOW INTEREST. You can be a part of the change as early as the beginning of your membership. Be vigilant for when the nomination process begins and feel free to ask questions. Each executive body has a tenure of 2 years. 

What's in it for you? 

As an alumna, you are being given the opportunity to become a part of an elite global community of successful individuals. Your Engineering degree can open doors and help you to progress in your career. Through fellowship, we can help you to maintain the close friendships that you made while at UWI as well as expand your network and forge new relationships through our planned events. Lest we forget, you know what they say – An engineer always has a special trick up their sleeve, so you never know what else is waiting for you.

Do you still care about your ‘siblings’ you left behind?  

As one who has walked the journey, we are aware that it is not for the faint hearted. We are currently developing a relationship with our ‘little sibling’ – Mona Engineering Society (MES) – and are actively assisting to aid in the development of our future engineers.

Did you know?

For your continuous support and service to the association over the years, we express our gratitude by appointing Life and Honorary Members. 

Life Members:

Retired persons who have been members for more than five years, have held office in the Association and are no longer required to pay membership fees.

Honorary Members:

Not more than five (5) persons at any given time, not otherwise eligible for membership, who have rendered invaluable service to the Faculty of Engineering or to the Association. Honorary Members shall be nominated and accepted by majority vote of the general membership and shall not be required to pay membership fees.

Stay in touch with the University

If you would like to know more about alumni activities at the Faculty of Engineering, please contact us at or You can find us on social media:

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