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The Faculty of Engineering offers a unique experience to graduate students, including the opportunity to work with leading academics. The University of the West Indies has placed significant emphasis on research, and in particular on research that addresses the needs of the region. This welcomed focus has resulted in a significant increase in contextually relevant research by the University. Very often, however, the nature of the research problems necessitates engineering rather than theoretical disciplines. The programme targets natural scientists, engineers and technical-related professionals who seek to solve Engineering problems. 

Access to state-of-the-art research facilities are facilitated via the various MoUs that the Faculty of Engineering have formed with international universities, including University of Florida and SUNY/Binghamton University, along with its existing synergies with the Faculty of Engineering at UWI St. Augustine campus. These MoUs also speak to shared staff resources and joint research.

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of the West Indies, Mona currently offers programmes of study leading to a:

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements for the MPhil programmes are as follows:

  • First degree in engineering, physics or another related natural sciences
  • First degree in any discipline plus relevant experience working in a related field.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0, or an Upper Second Class Honours degree or its equivalent, unless the Campus Committee in any particular case otherwise decides.
  • All students who seek entry without an engineering degree in the relevant discipline may be required to pursue qualifying courses and undertake examinations in these courses. The qualifying courses will be determined by the programme coordinator in consultation with the Director of the School. Head of Department and will normally not exceed twelve (12) credits.

Admissions requirements for the PhD programmes are as follows:

  • Upgrade from MPhil in similar engineering discipline
  • Approved graduate degrees awarded primarily for research
  • Taught Master’s degree from the UWI or another approved University, provided that the Masters programme included a research component of at least 25% of the total credit rating and the applicant achieved at least a B+ average or its equivalent
  • Such other qualifications and experience as the Board for Graduate Studies and Research may approve

Students wishing to pursue one of the Engineering degrees would apply through the potential supervisor which is the closest match to the proposal submitted. As with other graduate applications the school will decide on acceptance. The school will give administrative support and provide laboratory and research space to students. Students will be encouraged to apply for research grants both internally and externally where specialised equipment is required that is not already available within the school. Library resources by way of texts and access to journals are sufficient to support the programmes. If additional resources are required, the school and its partners will provide accordingly.

The above requirement may be subjected to annual revisions.

Tuition Fees

See UWI, Mona tuition fees for Graduate programmes

Academic Quality Assurance

The programme will be continually assessed using the quality assurance procedures outlined by the Faculty of Engineering, St. Augustine Campus and the Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona Campus. Where relevant, the programmes will be aligned with international best practice and ABET accreditation requirements.

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