The UWI-Toronto Metropolitan University RCYP Conference

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 19 October 2022 - 10:30am
The UWI-Toronto Metropolitan University RCYP Conference

The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) at The UWI, St. Augustine Campus, in partnership with the Toronto Metropolitan University and Rights for Children and Youth Partnership (RCYP) Project will host a virtual conference themed, The Wellbeing of Child and Young People in Central America and the Caribbean.

With four (4) Plenary Conference Sessions daily, this conference aims to increase the knowledge of factors that support or hinder the protection of children and youth rights in the Caribbean, Central America, and their diaspora populations in Canada; advise policy-makers and service providers in these regions on effective strategies that promote safety and resiliency; contribute to the creation of evidence-based policies and institutions that respond to violence against children in these three regions and; train students from the three regions on qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methodologies.


Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard , Safia King, Shivana Chankar, Dr. Madgerie Jameson-Charles, Dr. Rinnelle Lee-Piggott, Dr. Karene Nathaniel-DeCaires, Dr. Georgina Chami, Mr. Lionel Remy , Dr. Benn, Dr. Andrea Pusey- Murray, Dr. Marsha Hinds-Layne, Edwin Recinos and Daniel Sanchez Morales,  David Quintana & Maricela Chita, Veronica Escobar Olivo and Fabiola Limón Bravo, Ana Luisa Reyes Serrano & Sara Güílamo Jiménez, Laura Perez Gonzalez,  Kevin Cruz, Anna Barahona and David Pineda, Ada Ruth González, Lic. Marlen Perez Dorville, Belia Aydée Villeda Erazo & Omar Wright,  Linda Alay Medina, Kevin Camero, Charlotte Akuoko-Barfi, Henry Parada, Marsha Rampersaud, Dania Segura, Josué David Pineda.  In addition, there will be at least 20 additional speakers who will be invited as speakers or expected to speak having contributed an abstract which would have been accepted for consideration in the conference programme.


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