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Controlled Delivery of Ranitidine in the Stomach using Magnetic Field



An attempt has been made to localize ranitidine loaded microspheres in the stomach by magnetic means. Since ranitidine undergoes metabolism by microbial enzymes in the intestine, it is ideal to localize the controlled drug delivery system within the stomach to get uniform release and absorption
of the drug for the desired period. Gelatin magnetic microspheres loaded with 9.1, 17.9, 26.3 and 33.3% w/w of ranitidine hydrochloride were prepared by emulsification-cross linking technique. The formulated microspheres were characterized by magnetite content, particle size and in vitro drug release. The efficiency of microspheres to be localized in the stomach is tested in vivo in rats. The prepared microspheres were spherical and had a size distribution from 10 to 105 μm. The in vitro study revealed the capability of microspheres to release the drug over a period of 8 to 12 hours, depending on drug loading. The release was found to be diffusion controlled and followed fickian diffusion principle. The in vivo study showed the efficiency of microspheres to be retained in the stomach over a period of 8 hours.

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e-Published: 17 Sep, 2013
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