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Traumatic Neuroma of the Lower Lip



Traumatic neuroma is a rare disorder that represents a reactive proliferation of neural tissue following damage to an adjacent nerve. Clinically, oral lesions usually appear as a nodule of normal or grayish white smooth surface colouration, and patients may complain of pain as a frequent symptom. We report a case of a painless lower lip traumatic neuroma, clinically misdiagnosed as lipoma, in a 24-year old Caucasian woman. On intraoral examination, a yellowish and smooth sessile, well-delimited, painless, nodular lesion measuring 10 mm x 7 mm x 4 mm in size was observed on the mucosal lower lip. An excisional biopsy was performed and the final diagnosis was traumatic neuroma. After 18 months of follow-up, the patient is asymptomatic and there are no signs of recurrence.

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e-Published: 20 Sep, 2013
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