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Vol 58, issue 6 (2009)

Original Articles

  • T Alleyne, VB Sampson
    This computer based study leads to the conclusion that electrons arriving at the surface of cytochrome c oxidase migrate to the enzyme’s first active centre by a hydride ion relay system similar to that seen at the active site of chymotrypsin.
  • IC Ikem, RT Ikem, MOB Olaogun, A Owoyemi, BA Ola
    Limited Joint Mobility (LJM) variant of diabetic hand syndrome is assessed in black Africans with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) to characterize and determine its prevalence and severity. Black Africans with Type 2 DM have moderately severe LJM with a prevalence of 26.3%.
  • SZ Sambol, D Štimac, ŽC Orlić, T Guina
    The objective was to establish possible differences between haematological and biochemical parameters and bone mineral density in vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We can conclude that well planned and balanced vegetarian diet with avoidance of risk factors does not result in laboratory and bone status disturbances.
  • A McCaw-Binns, K Lewis-Bell
    The paper reviews Jamaica’s experience with maternal mortality surveillance, how this has informed policy and new efforts to ensure that Jamaica can achieve the Millennium Development Goal of a 75% reduction in maternal mortality between 1990 and 2015.
  • K Fox, G Gordon-Strachan, A Johnson, D Ashley
    This study of adolescents (10–15 years old) attending schools in Jamaica found that most were not involved in risky behaviour. However, it pointed to some critical areas of concern regarding their nutritional status, physical activity of emotional well-being, drug use and sexual activity.
  • JLM Lindo, J LaGrenade, A McCaw-Binns, D Eldemire-Shearer
    More than 50% of 212 doctors and nurses studied reported signs and symptoms of stress but were generally physically healthy. Barriers to seeking healthcare included confidentially issues and the need to appear healthy to colleagues and patients.
  • TC Martin
    Chronic non-communicable diseases are emerging as a significant medical issue in the Caribbean. Although not traditionally felt to be a problem, ischaemic heart disease does occur in Afro-Caribbean patients. The current information on ischaemic heart disease in the region is reviewed. It is anticipated that ischaemic heart disease will become a greater problem in the years to come.
  • S Bahadursingh, K Beharry, K Maharaj, C Mootoo, R Tilluckdharry, K Teelucksingh, J Singh, P Sharma
    Prevention of cardiovascular disease is well-described. However, a significant gap lies in the detection of at-risk persons who should be targeted for intervention. Can C-reactive protein be an effective adjunct to cardiovascular risk assessment.
  • RP Graham, KCM Coard
    An analysis of angiomyolipoma of the kidney at the University Hospital of the West Indies over a 27-year period confirmed its uncommon occurrence and overwhelming female preponderance.
  • PS Griffith, CL Powlett, AD Griffith, H Markogiannakis, P Priego, R Jonnalaga, ER Walrond
    We present an exploratory analysis of perforated diverticular disease in Barbados. There seems to be a relatively high incidence of perforated right-sided diverticulitis in an Afro-Caribbean population. More research is needed to determine the exact etiology of this disease.
  • KVS Hari Kumar, P Vamsikrishna, A Verma, J Muthukrishnan, B Ramasubba Rayudu, KD Modi
    This study demonstrates the beneficial role of colour doppler sonography in the initial diagnosis of Graves’ disease. Preliminary data support the role of this investigative modality in predicting clinical remission in patients with Graves’ disease.
  • J Hanley, I Branford, HC Gugnani, C Wilkinson, T Uhrin
    A review of 595 bacterial isolates from cases of urinary tract infection (UTI) for the years 2005─2007 in St Kitts demonstrated predominance of Escherichia coli followed by Citrobacter spp, Enterobacter spp. The isolates exhibited low resistance (8.7 to 17.8 %) to cotrimoxazole, a commonly used antimicrobial in UTI”.
  • D Campbell-Stennett, D Holder-Nevins, A McCawBinns, D Eldemire-Shearer
    Most women were contemplating HIV testing and tested only when pregnant. Integration of testing services into general healthcare and marketing to selected at risk groups will increase HIV testing.
  • A Nicholson, L Rainford
    Candida species are an important cause of fungaemia internationally. At the University Hospital of the West Indies, non-albicans Candida spp were found to be more commonly isolated than Candida albicans as a cause of fungaemia. Cryptococcus spp was also identified as a causative agent of infection. Systematic surveillance is necessary to detect emerging trends and guide empirical antifungal therapy.
  • H Trotman, O Olugbuyi, M Barton, D McGregor, S Thomas
    Meningitis is a common clinical syndrome of invasive pneumococcal disease and occurs in 23% of cases resulting in mortality and high morbidity among Jamaican children. Local seroepidemiological studies are urgently needed to inform national vaccine decisions. As an interim plan, policymakers should consider a risk-based strategy to vaccine prophylaxis that will ensure that high risk groups such as children with Sickle cell disease are offered currently available conjugate pneumococcal vaccines.
  • SK Bandyopadhyay, R Bandyopadhyay, A Dutta
    Several clinical, radiological and biochemical variables at admission were compared in patients of tuberculous meningitis with or without HIV infection and identified the factors that increased the probability of death and adverse neurologic outcome at six months in both groups.
  • SH Wynter, VE DaCosta, JA Harriott, LR Christie, J Frederick, DM Everett-Keene, RA Foster, YH Walters
    Live births following Jamaica’s first in-vitro fertilization employing donor-egg sharing, performed for premature ovarian failure following treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and tubal factor infertility.
  • AK Soyibo, EN Barton, C Watson-Brown, D Ukala, C Yeates, I Thomas, L Hodge, C Adu
    The 2007 renal registry include cases at different stages of chronic kidney disease based on the current guidelines according to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Kidney Disease Outcome Initiative (K/DOQI) staging. There was an increase in the number of participating countries, with the addition of Antigua and Barbuda, St Lucia and Turks and Caicos.

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