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Anxiety and Depression in Medical Students Related to Desire for and Expectations from a Medical Career

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Objective: In this article, we aimed to analyse the anxiety and depression levels of medical student’s related to their desire for a career in medicine and expectations from that career.

Methods: In a cross-sectional design, students from the first two years of medical school filled-out a questionnaire consisting of demographics, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scales (HADS) and questions about their medical career decision.

Results: The mean anxiety score was 7.66 ± 3.21 and the mean depression score was 5.77 ± 3.45. According to cut-off levels, 20.3% of medical students had anxiety, 29.3% had depressive symptoms. Males and second year students had significantly high levels of depression (p < 0.05). Students who were pressured to become doctors and who expected to gain much money were both more anxious and more depressed (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: External pressures, desire to become a medical doctor and expectations from a medical education have significant effects on anxiety and depression levels of medical students. Guidance for affected students is important and this is the responsibility of medical educators and faculties.

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e-Published: 02 Oct, 2013
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