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Recurrent Rhinolithiasis: A Case Report with Review of the Literature


Rhinolith is an uncommon nasal mass and a rare entity encountered in clinical practice. The typical
symptoms of rhinolith are unilateral nasal obstruction, foul smelling purulent nasal discharge and
epistaxis, crusting, swelling of nose or face, anosmia, epiphora and headache. In this report, we present
a case of recurrent rhinolith manifesting as an incidental finding on dental radiographs. A 26-year old
male patient with a history of long standing halitosis had an operation for rhinolith seven years
previously. Rhinolith in the right nasal cavity was diagnosed on rigid endoscopic examination.
Rhinolith was removed by using a rigid nasal endoscope under local anaesthesia. To our knowledge,
recurrence of rhinolith has not been described previously in the literature.

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e-Published: 01 Mar, 2013
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