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Traumatic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Results of the Perilunate Injuries

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Objective: In this study, eighteen patients who have had perilunate injury with dislocation or fracture, were evaluated and the patho-mechanics and surgical treatment were studied.

Subjects and Methods: According to the Green and O’Brien’s classification, type 1 injury occurred in one patient, type 2 in nine, type 4A in five, type 4C in one and type 4D in one. The other one case could not be classified using the Green and O’Brien’s criteria.

Results: According to the Evans scoring system, good results were achieved in thirteen patients, fair results, in four, poor results in one and very poor results in none. When the patho-mechanics was estimated based on the Mayfield’s criteria, seventeen patients were classified as stage 3. However, only one case was extremely unusual and should be classified as a subtype of stage 2.

Conclusion: The results were good in the majority of patients who had repair of perilunate injury.

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e-Published: 17 Oct, 2013
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