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High-dose Tamoxifen plus Ifosfamide and Anthracycline in a Patient with Angiosarcoma of the Breast

Although breast cancer is, unfortunately, not uncommon in women, a mere 0.04% of malignant breast tumours are primary angiosarcomas.  Chemotherapy is advocated for treatment of breast angio-sarcomas; however, no guidelines exist regarding optimal chemotherapeutics or protocols.  Presently, the prognosis for breast angiosarcomas is poor.  This case report describes a 24-year old woman diagnosed with primary breast angiosarcoma.  She initially refused to receive treatment, but later returned to the hospital four years later with a haemopneumothorax.  She was treated with rescue chemotherapy using a combination of high-dose tamoxifen plus ifosfamide and epirubicin (an anthracycline).  She achieved a partial response, but died 16 months after therapy was initiated.  More research is needed to devise novel chemotherapeutics and protocols to improve outcomes in women diagnosed with primary angiosarcomas of the breast. 
12 Feb, 2013
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e-Published: 22 Jan, 2014
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