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Content Page: January 2013, Vol 62: No.1

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                               JANUARY CONTENTS
1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Using Standard Instruments through a Single Umbilical Incision: Feasibility in Jamaica
SO Cawich, M Albert, SK Mohanty
2. Hydrogen/Hydride Ion Relay – A Mechanism for Early Electron Transfer in Cytochrome c Oxidases
T Alleyne, D Ashe
Cytochrome c oxidase (COX) employs electrons obtained from cytochrome c to reduce oxygen to water. Recently, we proposed that electrons travel from cytochrome c to CuA of COX, by a hydrogen/hydride ion relay. Now, on the basis of a similar computer study, we conclude that this hydride/hydrogen ion mechanism is common to other oxidases.
3. Comparison of Techniques of Detecting Immunoglobulin-binding Protein (IBP) Reactivity to Immunoglobulin Produced by Different Avian and Mammalian Species
AA Justiz-Vaillant, PE Akpaka, N McFarlane-Anderson, MP Smikle
Several immunological assays can be used to investigate the reactivity of immunoglobulin binding protein (IBP) to immunoglobulins from various avian and mammalian species. The results of these assays suggest that IBP can be used for the detection of immunoglobulin and this is important for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animal and bird populations studied and in the purification of immunoglobulins.
4. Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults, Kingston and St Andrew, Jamaica, 1988–2007
TN Gibson, B Hanchard, N Waugh, D McNaughton
The burden of malignancy in adolescents and young adults in Jamaica is greater in females. In both genders, increasing age is accompanied by increased incidence rates and a progressive shift from non-epithelial to epithelial malignancies. This shift occurs earlier in females.
5. Clinical Evaluation with Self-sequential Longitudinal Reference Intervals: Pregnancy Outcome and Neonatal Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Level Associated with Maternal Thyroid Diseases
P Yuan, Q Wang, R Huang, F Cao, Z Zhu, D Sun, H Zhou, B Yu
The thyroid function of 1744 pregnant women was clinically evaluated with a new self-sequential longitudinal reference interval (SLRI) which we established. Thyroid disorders were common in pregnant women and the disorders were associated with pregnancy and fetal outcome. Routine maternal thyroid function screening is important and should be recommended.
6. Perinatal Autopsy Rates at the University Hospital of the West Indies: 2002–2008
KL Bishop, C Dupuis, P Nanton, K Clarke, C Bolt, C Chin-See
The average annual perinatal autopsy rate at the University Hospital of the West Indies is 54%, well below the internationally recommended rate of 75%. Failure to request an autopsy is the most significant factor contributing to this.
7. Childhood Trauma and Dissociation in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
H Belli, C Ural, S Yesilyurt, MK Vardar, M Akbudak, F Oncu
The present study attempted to assess childhood trauma events and dissociative symptoms in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. We detected that patients with OCD had high levels of dissociation symptoms and the level of dissociation was correlated with the severity of obsessive compulsive symptoms.
8. A Five-year Retrospective Review of Infants with Erb-Duchenne's Palsy at a Teaching Hospital in North Trinidad
A Jaggat, M Mencia, T Ali, V Stewart
The incidence of Erb-Duchenne's Palsy at a teaching hospital in North Trinidad is 0.94/1000 live births. Known associations in this study are shoulder dystocia and fetal macrosomia.
9. Collaboration and Research as Key Elements for Strengthening Blood Donation in Developing Nations: The Case of Grenada, West Indies
A Gomez, LL Messam, L Toner
This study used collaboration and research as the means to explore ways to increase the number of voluntary blood donors among college students and as the vehicle to educate students, raise their awareness, and address blood shortages in developing countries.
10. Intravaginal Cleansing among Women Attending a Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic in Kingston, Jamaica
M Carter, M Gallo, C Anderson, MC Snead, J Wiener, A Bailey, E Costenbader, J Legardy-Williams, T Hylton-Kong
Intravaginal cleansing is associated with poor health outcomes. Based on female sexually transmitted infection clinic patients in Jamaica, this study found that intravaginal cleansing was common, performed to promote general hygiene, and positively associated with having more than one sexual partner.
11. Activity of Platelet Activating Factor Acetylhydrolase Following Phase I Periodontal Therapy
GC Keles, BO Cetinkaya, F Pamuk, U Balli
Platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase (PAF-AH) is detectable in gingival crevicular fluid by ELISA and showed a continuous decrease following phase I periodontal therapy. Changes in the PAF-AH activity would be a progressive marker of periodontal healing to evaluate the success of periodontal therapies.
12. Frequency of Tooth Brushing and Associated Factors in Mexican Schoolchildren of Six to Nine Years of Age
JF Casanova-Rosado, AA Vallejos-Sánchez, M Minaya-Sánchez, CE Medina-Solís, R De La Rosa-Santillana, ML Márquez-Corona, G Maupomé
Tooth brushing is an effective tool to mechanically remove plaque. This study determines the tooth brushing frequency (at least once a day) in Mexican schoolchildren. The author observed that maternal characteristics are associated with the oral health behaviour of their children.
13. Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs of Iruligas at Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India
S Kadanakuppe, PK Bhat
The 'Iruliga' tribal community residing at Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India is the jungle tribe of the plains. No studies are available on their oral health status. Hence this pioneering study aims to assess the oral health status and treatment needs of 'Iruliga' community, which is transiting from hunter-gatherer lifestyle to modernization.
14. Tel Hashomer Camptodactyly Syndrome: A Case Report
K Shah, R Sreekanth, B Thomas, S Danda
15. Transdermal Methyl Alcohol Intoxication Cause of Pain Relief
S Sahin, S Solak, O Akyol, S Vatansever, E Ozyuvaci
16. Secondary T-cell Pancreatic Lymphoma Mimicking Acute Pancreatitis
X-N Shao, K-Y Hu, C-J Wu, Z Shen, W-X Chen
17. Primary Bone Marrow B-cell Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Successfully Treated with R-CHOP
L Qian, Z Zhang, J Shen, Y Liu
18. Late Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Severe Hypercalcaemia
B Zhang, X Yu, H Mao, C Xing, J Liu
19. Capgras Syndrome Presenting in an Adolescent Girl in the Caribbean
RC Gibson, GA Lowe, KAD Morgan, M Henry, W De La Haye, A Irons
20. Ophthalmic Manifestations of Haematological Disorders
KS Charles, N Leelah,L Boodoo, DC Murray
21. Cushing's Syndrome Due to Topical Steroid
A Çayır, A Kaya, S Davutoğlu, I Küçükaslan, B Özkan
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e-Published: 03 Apr, 2013
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