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Vol 62, Issue 1: Jan (2013)

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Dental Forum

  • GC Keles, BO Cetinkaya, F Pamuk, U Balli
    Platelet activating factor acetylhydrolase (PAF-AH) is detectable in gingival crevicular fluid by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and showed a continuous decrease following phase I periodontal therapy. Changes in the PAF-AH activity would be a progressive marker of periodontal healing to evaluate the success of periodontal therapies.
  • JF Casanova-Rosado, AA Vallejos-Sánchez, M Minaya-Sánchez, CE Medina-Solís, R De La Rosa-Santillana, M De L Márquez-Corona, G Maupomé
    Tooth brushing is an effective tool to mechanically remove plaque. This study determines the tooth brushing frequency (at least once a day) in Mexican schoolchildren. The author observed that maternal characteristics are associated with the oral health behaviour of their children.
  • S Kadanakuppe, PK Bhat
    The ‘Iruliga’ tribal community residing at Ramanagara District, Karnataka, India is the jungle tribe of the plains. No studies are available on their oral health status. Hence this pioneering study aims to assess the oral health status and treatment needs of the ‘Iruliga’ community, which is transiting from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a more modern lifestyle.

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