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The Economic and Medical Costs of Alcohol Consumption in Japan

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Objective: Excessive use of alcohol not only has a deleterious effect on human health generally, but it also negatively impacts every aspect of human life. It imposes a marked economic burden on societies, including healthcare costs and those associated with loss of productivity. This study reviewed previous papers on the healthcare costs from alcohol consumption in Japan and focussed on providing an estimate of the economic costs of alcohol from a social viewpoint.

Methods: The papers on the economic costs of alcohol consumption and the healthcare costs of alcohol related diseases in Japan were reviewed. Papers on two cohort studies on healthcare costs of alcohol consumption in Japan were also introduced.

Results: Estimates of economic costs of alcohol consumption in Japan were about 1000 billion yen in direct healthcare cost and about 3000 to 5300 billion yen in indirect cost. The results also indicated that heavy drinkers tend to incur more medical costs over a five-year period.

Conclusion: Moderate use of alcohol should decrease morbidity or mortality as well as economic burden. 

23 Apr, 2013
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e-Published: 18 Feb, 2014

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