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A New Bone Substitute in the Definitive Management of Furcation Involvement: A Case Report

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Bone xenografts are used for reconstructive surgery in medicine and dentistry. The grafts are osteoconductive, serving as a matrix in bone regeneration. Furcation involvements are one of the most challenging clinical problems in periodontics. Unilab Surgibone is a bone xenograft and has been investigated in many clinical and experimental studies. In this case report, a 50-year old male patient was diagnosed with a Class III furcation problem in his upper right first molar. The tooth was surgically treated by resection of the distobuccal root after the flap elevation. The extraction defect was grafted with the Unilab Surgibone. After 9 months, the patient was evaluated clinically and radiographically. The healing was uneventful. The clinical and radiographic data suggest that Unilab Surgibone supports bone regeneration.
01 Mar, 2013
28 Feb, 2013
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e-Published: 11 Apr, 2014
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