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The Scaphomastoid Suture as an Alternative Surgical Technique for Prominent Ear Deformity

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Background: A prominent ear is a common disorder which affects the patient’s social relations and physiological condition. This deformity can be corrected by using several well-known methods ranging from early splinting to surgery. This study presents yet another new and practical method for protruding ear correction.
Patients and method: A total of 40 patients (male, n = 19; female, n = 21) with 76 prominent ears were operated on using the proposed technique. The conchomastoid measure was between 2–4.5 cm with an average of 2.8 cm before the surgery. Being the traditional method, postauricular incision was performed on each ear under local anaesthesia. The process was continued at suprapericondrial plan. By using 4/0 monofilament nonabsorbable suture material, four scaphomastoid sutures were inserted from the posterior aspect of scaphoid fossa to the mastoid periosteum of each prominent ear and tied gently. After control for bleeding, the skin was closed with 5/0 absorbable monofilo’neil suture.
Results: Median follow-up was 13.2 months. Complications occurred in both ears. A unilateral haematoma was at one patient’s left ear. The haematoma was drained under local anaesthesia, and the resuturaing done according to the procedure. A unilateral allergic reaction occurred on the skin sutures of one patient during her first postoperative month, and it resolved after taking off the suture material. The mean time of the surgery for each ear was 27.6 minutes (20–40 minutes). The results were satisfactory both for patients and the surgeon.
Conclusion: This safe, simple and quick method helps to obtain natural and well-shaped ears. What is more, it does not disturb the external ear canal. No keloid formation and suture exposition were observed with this method, which makes it an effective substitute for other surgical procedures.


30 Jun, 2015
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e-Published: 06 Jul, 2015
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