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Oral Signs Unraveling the Diagnosis of HIV



Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related oral conditions occur in a large proportion of patients and frequently are misdiagnosed or inadequately treated. The presence of these oral manifestations can be an early diagnostic indicator of immune deficiency and HIV-infection as well as a predictor of progression of disease. In the case presented here, the patient appeared apparently healthy and was completely unaware of his immunologic status. The progressively increasing gingival growth made him obtain a dental opinion. Eventually, the classic oral manifestations led to a revelation of his underlying immune status and the gingival growth was evaluated accordingly to arrive at a diagnosis of diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Thus, the present paper discusses the oral presentations seen in HIV and their diagnostic criteria as dental expertise is crucial for prompt diagnosis of HIV-infection and appropriate management of oral manifestations.

02 Mar, 2015
25 Feb, 2015
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e-Published: 24 Jul, 2015
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