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Safety and Efficacy KollaGen II-xs: A 60-day Clinical Trial


Objectives: The present single-center clinical trial investigated the safety and efficacy of an avian sternal collagen type II hydrolysate, KollaGen II-xsTM.

Methods: A goniometer was used to measure the range of motion, a pain scale (Borg) was applied to subjectively percept the pain, and a properly calibrated sphygmomanometer was utilized to evaluate muscle strength

Results: The results indicated that administration of 2000 mg/day of collagen type II hydrolysate for 60 days improved essential symptoms in individuals suffering from joint diseases, including range of motion, general pain, and muscle strength. No adverse effects were observed during the trial.

Discussion: The results support the view that collagen type II hydrolysate may be administered to patients suffering from joint diseases. These data encourage its use for patients suffering from degenerative joint diseases, including cartilage injuries, connective tissue disorders, polychondritis, joint defects, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

12 Aug, 2016
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e-Published: 12 Aug, 2016


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