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Syncope: Clinical Presentation of Bronchial Asthma



Syncope first described by Hippocrates, can be differentiated into neurological, cardiac and other non-cardiac origin which is of prognostic significance. Cardiac causes of Syncope have a relatively poor prognosis can be structural, electrophysiological or infectious and are associated with ethnicity, geographic location and sudden cardiac death (SCD) and hence, needs to be ruled out. They are in decreasing frequency; Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Anomalous Coronary Arteries, Marfan’s Syndrome, Arrhythomogenic Right Ventricle dysplasia in Italians. Electrophysiological causes, include Supraventricular, Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome and Ion Channelopathy causes, Long Q-T syndrome and Brugada syndrome. The index case with Bronchial Asthma presented with Syncope, is rarely documented, and there is an increased morbidity and mortality of this specific group of patients, if undiagnosed and not optimally treated, hence the need for high index of suspicion and early diagnosis, after exclusion of cardiac and more common neurological causes. This is the first documented case of Syncope secondary to Bronchial Asthma in an Afro-Caribbean.

13 Mar, 2017
e-Published: 21 Mar, 2017

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