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Consecutive Bilateral Obturator Hernia in a Single Case



Obturator hernia is a rare pelvic hernia. It is diffucult to make early diagnosis due to absence of palpable mass so it has high morbidity and mortality rate and delay in surgery.  Here in this report we present a case with bilateral obturator hernia diagnosed at different times. In this point of view our report is meaningful due to revealing consecutive obturator hernia in a single case. An 87-year-old female patient admitted to emergency room with intestinal obstruction findings. Right obturator herniation were seen in computed tomography scan then she underwent urgent surgery. After two months, she was admitted with left thigh pain. With these findings computed tomography scans confirmed left obturator hernia. In an elderly, skinny, female patient with non-specific bowel obstruction symptoms and medial thigh pain, obturator hernia should be considered. Early and rapid radiologic evaluation followed by surgery is essential for successful management of obturator hernia.  

07 Jul, 2017
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e-Published: 11 Jul, 2017


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