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Consecutive, Bilateral Obturator Hernia in a Single Case



Obturator hernia (OH) is a rare pelvic hernia. It is difficult to make an early diagnosis due to the absence of a palpable mass, so it has a high morbidity and mortality rate, and there is delay in surgery. Here, in this report, we present a case of bilateral OH diagnosed at different times. Our report is meaningful as it reveals consecutive OH in a single case. An 87-year old, female patient admitted to emergency with intestinal obstruction findings. Right obturator herniation was seen in a computed tomography (CT) scan, then she underwent urgent surgery. After 2 months, she admitted with left thigh pain. With these findings, CT scans confirmed left OH. In an elderly, skinny, female patient with non-specific bowel obstruction symptoms and medial thigh pain, OH should be considered. Early and rapid radiologic evaluation, followed by surgery, is essential for successful management of OH.

07 Jul, 2017
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e-Published: 11 Jul, 2017
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