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Toward Effective School-based Substance Abuse Prevention “Breaking the Cycle” Programme in Antigua and Barbuda



The “Breaking the Cycle” programme, based on the Project Charlie programme, was developed for Antigua and Barbuda third grade students and was implemented in 2001. Aspects of the programme are compared with aspects recently proven effective in randomized studies in developed countries. The “Breaking the Cycle” programme includes life-skills training, teaches decision making skills, includes peer resistance training, uses trained teachers, interactive teaching methods, effective content and delivery, targets students prior to onset of drug use, teaches drug harm, teaches community values and is culturally sensitive, all aspects of successful programmes overseas. The cost of about $7 US per student would suggests cost-benefit effectiveness compared with overseas programmes. The “Breaking the Cycle” school-based drug and alcohol use prevention programme includes most aspects of evidence-based successful programmes overseas, appears cost effective and could serve as a model for programmes in the Caribbean region.

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e-Published: 23 Jul, 2013
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