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HIV/AIDS: ‘The Labour Market Implications of Compulsory Testing’

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Objective: It is intended in this brief paper to outline the policy direction that ought to be followed regarding the phenomenon of HIV/AIDS and the workplace. In essence, this is a viewpoint instructed by data and research and not anecdotal evidence.

Methods: This is not primary research as it utilizes secondary material from existing literature as well as data from government sources. The method is a strict narrative regarding the data and frequencies and there are no sophisticated statistical packages used for data analysis.

Results: On examining the data, it is clear that young women are disproportionately represented in the HIV and unemployment data.

Conclusion: It is therefore likely that if testing for the purposes of employment is allowed to continue, it will create a disincentive to seek employment and thus will help to drive the infection underground.


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e-Published: 14 Aug, 2013
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