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An Unassuming Revelation: Cuba’s Social Policy toward the AIDS Epidemic

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The thrust of this essay is nestled in Cuba’s complimentary approach to the treatment of the HIV/AIDS virus. In a comprehensive and comparative fashion, the contents herein give credence to a developing nation that demonstrates expedience and emphasizes a history of continuity with remarkable results. Underlying the report is a journey that enlightens the reader to a process rich in application and outcome during a period in which the plague of HIV has transformed the Caribbean and Latin America community. Meanwhile, it also speaks to a collaborative effort inclusive of government, medical agencies, laboratories, international organizations and the public toward a common good. The country, nonetheless, is not without its shortcomings and therefore monetary constraints and matters of confidentiality and discrimination are pivotal to the presentation. In fact, an elaborate characterization accentuates a 50-year old commercial interdiction as a deterrent that contributes to the disruption of affordability and accessibility to the exchange of goods, services and information. Against all likelihood, a contrasting analysis of regional states inclusive of the United States of America documents Cuba’s astonishing success in restricting HIV/AIDS. The Cuban model as described is an exemplary work in progress but likewise the fulfilment of the socialist philosophy toward humanity.

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e-Published: 14 Aug, 2013
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