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Mediterranean Fever Gene Mutations in Greek Patients with Behcet’s Disease




Objective: It is known that clinical similarities between Behcet’s disease and Familial Mediterranean Fever have led to the hypothesis of a common pathogenesis. Familial Mediterranean Fever is caused by MEFV gene mutations coding for pyrin. Therefore, we examined whether these pyrin mutations are also associated with Behcet’s disease.

Methods: Molecular testing for pyrin mutations was performed in 96 unrelated Greek patients with an established diagnosis of Behcet’s disease. The results were compared with an analysis for pyrin mutations in 140 unrelated healthy Greek controls.

Results: We found no pyrin mutations among the Behcet cases tested; this result is comparable with the control group.

Conclusions: Pyrin gene mutations in Greek patients with Behcet’s disease are not more common than those in the general population. This finding is not in agreement with the findings in other populations. It is suggested that screening for pyrin mutations not be included in the evaluation of Greeks suspected
to have Behcet’s disease.

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e-Published: 19 Aug, 2013
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