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A Griffiths

Drug-herb Interaction: Database of Medicinal Plants of the Caribbean, their Indications, Toxicities and Possible Interactions with Conventional Medication

West Indian Drug-herb Interaction Database 0.06 is a comprehensive database of the popular medicinal plants in the Caribbean and is intended to be utilized by primary care physicians and pharmacists. It might mitigate adverse drug reactions resulting from drug-herb interactions. It also provides details on the plants’ locations, preparation, bioactive ingredients, indications, toxic effects and indications.
Objective: Healthcare professionals in the Caribbean today know very little about these drug-herb interactions of the popular West Indian medicinal herb practices linked to the immigrants from West Africa and India, and to the indigenous Amerindians. It is the intent of this project to produce a database which comprehensively summarizes indications and possible drug-herb interactions of these
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e-Published: 15 Oct, 2013
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