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K White

Are Patients Satisfied with their Total Joint Replacement Surgery? A Prospective Cross Sectional Survey

A prospective cross sectional study analyzed patients' satisfaction with arthroplasty in two independent groups. Statistically significant results showed increased function, decreased pain and improvement in the quality of life outcomes between the pre and postoperative groups. Clinically significant results indicated that the postoperative patients were satisfied with the peri-operative management and fulfilment of expectations following arthroplasty.


Objective: The number of patients requiring arthroplasty increases annually. Joint replacement surgery can improve a patient’s (QOL) quality of life. The effectiveness of this care from a patient’s own perspective assessed by patient reported outcome measures is just as important as the clinical measures. The aim of our study was to evaluate patients’ satisfaction following total joint replacement procedures.

10 Sep, 2015
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e-Published: 01 Mar, 2016


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A New Radiological Classification for Ameloblastoma Based on Analysis of 19 Cases

An analysis of l9 cases of ameloblastoma is conducted in young Jamaicans. A new classification for ameloblastoma based on radiology is adopted and linked to the surgical management of ameloblastoma. No case simulating the classical dentigerous cyst was documented. The paper offers a new radiological classification which can assist in the management of ameloblastoma.



Objective: To describe ameloblastoma of the jawbone in young Jamaicans, with special emphasis on radiological findings, and to introduce a radiological classification which could assist in the categorization of these cases according to their biological behaviour and hence their subsequent surgical and medical management.

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e-Published: 17 Jun, 2013
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