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S Lalla

Childhood Sexual Abuse among Outpatients Attending Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics: A Case-Control Study

This case control study examines the association between self-reported childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and psychopathology in patients seeking treatment at adult psychiatric outpatient clinics in Trinidad. Abused psychiatric outpatients were more likely to have reported an earlier onset of CSA, repeated episodes of CSA, vaginal and anal intercourse, and limited social support compared to abused controls.


Only a few studies have focussed on the importance of routine investigation of childhood sexual abuse in outpatients attending adult psychiatric outpatient clinics. The aim of this study is to explore the association between having a history of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and attending adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics in Trinidad.

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e-Published: 01 Jul, 2013
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