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Ameloblastoma in Jamaica – Predominantly Unicystic: Analysis of 47 Patients over a 16-Year Period and A Case Report on Re-entry Cryosurgery as a New Modality ofTreatment for the Prevention of Recurrence

In this analysis of ameloblastoma in Jamaica, it was found that most were unicystic histologically irrespective of whether they were unilocular or multilocular radiographically. Re-entry cryosurgery at six months for the prevention of recurrence is emphasised as a new modality of treatment.


Objective: To analyse all the cases of ameloblastoma seen in the two major public Hospitals in Jamaica over a 16-year period, and to compare the results with what has been previously documented by other authors in the literature. A new treatment modality for prevention of recurrence of ameloblastoma is described.

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e-Published: 17 Oct, 2013
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