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Gender Differences

Gender Differences in the Treatment Outcomes among Tuberculosis Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis in Pakistan

Pakistan in recent times, is placed in the 5th place among high TB prevalent countries, world wide. Cases of extended TB resistance have also been reported in Pakistan, whereas TB resistance cases are common. Given the country's cultural constraints, it is speculated that there are gender differences in TB prevalence and treatment outcomes. The current study provides the data for the risk factors that affect the development of TB based on gender and evaluates the treatment outcomes. Evaluating the past practices and identifying the risk factors, can provide us important information for future directions to control and treat TB in a high TB prevalent country such as Pakistan.


Background: Gender differences among tuberculosis (TB) patients are notable; however, studies evaluating the impact of gender on treatment outcomes have reported inconsistent results.

Aim: The aim of the current study is to observe gender differences among TB patients and to evaluate the relationship between gender and treatment outcome.

29 Apr, 2015
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e-Published: 15 Dec, 2015


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Gender Differences in Coping with Infertility among Couples Undergoing Counselling for In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

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e-Published: 10 Jun, 2013
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