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Vol 65, Issue 1: 2016

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  • CDC Christie, C Giaquinto
    Zika virus causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome and microcephaly. Clinical and laboratory diagnosis is complicated. Population-based research can elucidate ZIKV epidemiology, vertical transmission, fetal risks of maternal ZIKV infection and natural history of congenital and non-congenital ZIKV infection provided by the activities in “ZIKAction” research consortium, recently funded by the European Commission.
  • KR Webster-Kerr, CDC Christie, A Grant, D Chin, H Burrowes, K Clarke, I Wellington, K Shaw, W De La Haye
    The Zika virus epidemic in Jamaica is evolving and includes cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome and reports in pregnant women. Zika may become endemic in Jamaica, similar to dengue and chikungunya. Safe and effective dengue, chikungunya fever and ZIKV vaccines are needed to mitigate the devastating effects of these three diseases.

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