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Vol 65, Issue 2: 2016


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Short Communication

Dental Forum

  • A Babu RS, D Rose
    Tooth is considered a storehouse of DNA and serves as an important source in human identification procedures. Adapting the advancements of molecular technology has created a new arena in forensic odontology. This review paper discusses various molecular techniques that are employed in forensic odontology.
  • I Minic, A Pejcic, M Kostic, N Krunic, D Mirkovic, M Igic
    The importance of this work is to give special importance to the treatment of various oral diseases in the elderly population as otherwise the quality of life of the elderly would be significantly reduced. The paper highlights the percentage of the most common oral diseases.


  • A Madiyal, SR Shetty, GS Babu
    The incidence of oral cancer increases with the increased association with carcinogens. Antioxidants are hypothesised to be chemopreventive agents for cancers. Micronutrients and antioxidants are required for the production of enzymes that help prevent DNA damage caused by free radicals.

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