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Biotech hosts International Webinars - June 5 to July 29

Under the Jamaica-Mexico Technical Cooperation Project titled, "Bioengineering Yams Biomaterials other selected Caribbean roots and tuber crops biomaterials for value-chain expansion & pre-commercialization

analyses" the Biotechnology Centre is collaborating with two Mexican Institutions - Centro de Invesigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo (CIAD) & the Univasidad Panamericana (UP) - to stage a series of webinars.. 

The International WEBINARS will occur over 7 days between June 5 and July 29, 2020 with each lasting 2 hours. The International Webinar series is funded under the Jamaica-Mexico Technical Cooperation by the AMERCID. 

If you are interested in the webinars please contact The Biotechnology Centre, The UWI Mona:

Webinar Dates and topics:

June 5: Profiling and identification of the phytochemicals

June 19th - Technology Transfer - Identification of distinctive biomaterials - re identification of sample of tuber materials and herbs.

July 3 - Innovative exploration of the selected crops for new markets in therapeutics and nutraceutics, and generation of quality value-added products from Yams directed at Bio-sports foods.

July 15 - Application of advanced technologies for development of innovative value-added products- biopharming and biopharmaceutics.

July 21 - Beneficial properties of value-added products and conducting research to unearth ways food crops, such as tubers, and their storage materials can be utilized to make food products or nutraceutics or pharmaceutics.

July 27 - Pre-commercialization analyses and how to conduct sustainability assessments.

July 27 - Commercialization analyses and methods of sustainability assessments.

Published on 05 Jun, 2020

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