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 "Developing More Secure Software Systems"

Curtis Busby-Earle

Department of Computing

Software security requirements are seldom explicitly stated at the outset of a project. Although a requirements engineer has the task of specifying what an intended software system should do, the engineer is not expected to be a security expert. Security is usually grouped with, and considered as, a non-functional requirement. Non-functional requirements have traditionally been included during the coding... More

 "Spearfishing: A Large and Growing Threat to Jamaica's Marine Fishable Resources"

Karl Aiken

Department of Life Sciences

In the 1980s Munro noted that spearfishing was becoming an increasingly important economic activity in the Caribbean. He stated that this was as a result of socioeconomic factors related to underemployment and the low capital outlay for equipment. This method of fishing appeared to be highly attractive as it offered income-earning capacity to otherwise unskilled or impoverished individuals... More

 "What's happening with Our Climate? In Search of Answers"

Tannecia Stephenson

Department of Physics

The climate of a location affects the types and timing of many activities that occur there. Some of these activities are related to agriculture, tourism, human health, water uses and sports. It is important that we try to understand whether or not our climate has been changing, whether or not it will change as we proceed towards the end of the century, and what we can do to either lessen or cope with these changes... More

 "Towards Food Security: The Production of Cassava Flour [A Model System for Carbohydrate Rich Foods]"

Ian Thompson

Department of Chemistry

This research project focuses on identifying opportunities for the utilisation of locally grown carbohydrate rich foods to partially replace imported sources of carbohydrates. The expected outcomes are a reduction of imports, the stimulation of local production by farmers, and an increase in the opportunities for the private sector and entrepreneurs to develop value added consumer products... More

 “The Development of an Integrated Pest Management Programme for the Coffee Berry Borer, Hypothenemus Hampie [Farrari], in Jamaica”

Dwight Robinson

Department of Life Science

The coffee industry is a major contributor to the Jamaican economy and, despite recent declines in production, remains, the second largest income earner in the agricultural sector. According to the Coffee Industry Board statistics, the sector earns up to US$59 million annually and provides employment for over 100,000 persons. During the last decade... More


 “Chemical Modification of Yam [Dioscorea sp.] Starches and their Potential Use in Pharmaceutical Formulations"

Alexia Harvey

The Biotechnology Centre

Globally, corn starch is one of the most widely applied industrial starches. There is a high demand of the crop by the fast growing ethanol industry, hence its continuous increasing cost over the last couple years. Being expensive and the most utilised starch in Jamaica, the importation cost is the highest of all imported starches (US$862,206 in 2010)... More


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