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Message from the Faculty Representative

Clayton Mitchell 
The 2019 - 2020 Faculty Representative.

On behalf of the Guild Committee, it is an honour and privilege to welcome both new and returning students to the Faculty of Science and Technology. It is my hope that, throughout my tenure, I will serve you to the best of my ability facilitating your holistic development and assisting you to achieve your full potential. I congratulate and charge our new scientists to take hold of this golden opportunity and work just as acidulously as you did to obtain acceptance to the University of the West Indies. The new experiences you create will be priceless and will last a lifetime so make the most of it and continue to strive for excellence. Additionally, I acknowledge the work of our returning students and now trust you know what it takes to excel as you learn from your mistakes and build on your success. Consequently, I foresee a tremendous year because we are all Destined for Greatness.

This year, our committee is working towards revamping the image of the faculty. The FSTGC plans to increase integration through sport, socials and intellectually stimulating activities. Fostering an environment of support and mentorship is one of the main goals for this year. We intent to represent you at all times, channelling your concerns to the relevant parties. We have plans of highlighting your successes and providing a space where you can received the support you need for this journey. Each student upon being fully registered at the University of the West Indies automatically becomes a member of a wider family known as The UWI Guild of Students. The UWI Guild of Students is headed by The UWI Guild Council which serves as the official body of student representation at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. The UWI Mona Guild Council is comprised of: The Executive Members, Faculty Representatives and Hall Chairpersons.

The Faculty of Science and Technology Guild Committee (FSTGC) is the branch of the Guild designed to represent your best interests. We will be working closely with the Dean in ratifying and rectifying concerns raised by all members of the Faculty. Undoubtedly, we are elated that you have chosen the UWI Mona and specifically the Faculty of Science and Technology. The FSTGC is expecting a terrific year and with your support it will be just that. We welcome you to the family and hope you represent your faculty with pride wherever you go. Above all, we aim to make to ensure you have an enriching experience in the Faculty of Greatness. As scientists we must always demonstrate enthusiasm to explore and I expect this to always be the case. 

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl Sagen

The Faculty Committee shall:

(a) Represent the views of the students in the Faculty to the Guild Council and the respective Faculty Boards.

(b) Have their respective constitutions which shall be automatically authorized by the Guild Constitution.

(c) Promote maximum participation of members of the Faculty in activities organized by the Guild Council, in addition to two (2) other activities that advance the curricular and co-curricular interests of students in the Faculty.


The main function of the Faculty Guild Committee is to assist the Faculty Representative in executing his/her duties and make a wider impact. The positions in the Faculty Committee include:

-Vice President
-Public Relations Officer (PRO)
-Publications Committee Chairperson (PCC)
-Internal Affairs Chairperson (IAC)
-Cultural Events and Activities Chairperson (CEAC)
-Office Manager
-Department Representatives


Learning continues outside of the classroom! Hence, students are encouraged to play their part and also get involved with the UWI Guild or other organizations on or off campus as these help to mould students into well-rounded individuals and into the ideal UWI graduate!

With the GUILD: Guild Council members are selected during Guild Elections which run from February to March of every year. Guild Elections are exciting times of the year. These elections are similar to National Elections, complete with campus-wide campaigning, debates, strict rules governing the elections, security and the casting and counting of ballots!

With the FST GUILD COMMITTEE: Visit the FST Guild Office (located in close proximity to the FST Dean’s Office) and speak to your Faculty Representative or a committee chairperson TODAY! @uwiscitech @fst_uwimona  @fstuwi_mona @fstuwi_mona          

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